Collins Big Cat - Hands: Band 03/Yellow

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Collins Big Cat - Hands: Band 03/Yellow

Original title eBook: Collins Big Cat - Hands: Band 03/Yellow

Pages: 16

Language: English

Publisher: Collins: American English edition edition (4 Jun. 2012)

By: Thelma Page (Author), Steve Lumb (Illustrator), Cliff Moon (Series Editor)

Format: PDF

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An information text showing numerous ways in which we use our hands, including painting, printing, building, pouring, climbing and playing. Each action is illustrated with an interesting, labelled photograph.

•:Yellow/Band 3 books offer varied sentence structure and natural language.

•: Text types - An information text.

•: A selection of the photographs on pages 14 and 15 give children a chance to recap and discuss the text.

•: Curriculum links - Science: ourselves, exploring and using senses.

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