Story Street: Beginner Stage (LITERACY LAND)

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Story Street: Beginner Stage (LITERACY LAND)

Original title eBook: Story Street: Beginner Stage (LITERACY LAND)

Pages: 16

Language: English

Publisher: Longman (30 Jan. 2001)

By: Jeremy Strong (Author), Christine Hall (Author), Martin Coles (Author)

Format: PDF

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Info Trail for ages 5-11:

  • Enthuses all readers with attention-grabbing titles, engaging humour and inventive topics to inspire excellence and enjoyment in learning.
  • Provides broad and rich cross-curricular content linked to History, Geography and Science with many matches to National Curriculum and QCA topics.
  • Provides excellent models for writing with coverage of all NLS non-fiction text types pupils need to experience and understand.
  • Especially motivates and supports reluctant readers through supportive illustrations and Access texts for ages 9-11.
  • Promotes valuable awareness of community and citizenship through many titles based around community, environment and health.
  • Simple integration of assessment for learning into class teaching is provided in the Teaching Notes which ensure children's reading and writing skills progress at word, sentence and text level.
  • Accessible Teaching Notes and Activity sheets ensure teachers, teaching assistants and parents are all able to contribute to teaching and learning.


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