Understanding Human, Part 3, Human Needs

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Understanding Human, Part 3, Human Needs

Original title eBook: Understanding Human, Part 3, Human Needs

Pages: 24

Language: English

Publisher: AuthorHouseUK (29 Nov. 2011)

By: Omar Sheikho Murad (Author)

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[I am Dr. Omar Sheikho Murad. Originally I am from Zakho City, Kurdistan, Iraq. I have settled down in London since 1996 as a refugee. I have been in 2 wars and one violent uprising. I have been in touch with human pain and suffering since very early in life till now. I have witnessed all kinds of traumas and I have dealt with all kinds of wounds. That is through my work as a medical doctor and as a trainee psychiatrist for the last 2 decades. My job helped me a lot to understand what people actually need. The books that I have written are about using the Water-Logic instaed of the Rock-Logic (i.e., using peaceful means instead of violence & aggression). My books are about understanding life and understanding human. So that individuals and groups know better what to do in life. My goal is ""better quality humans"" and ""better quality life"" for everyone everywhere at every time.]

This is the list of my 7 books:

Understanding Human, Part 1, ""Human Philosophy"".
Understanding Human, Part 2, ""Human Thinking"".
Understanding Human, Part 3, ""Human Needs"".
Understanding Human, Part 4, ""Human Behaviour"".
Understanding Human, Part 5, ""The Family"".
Understanding Human, Part 6, ""The Society"". A Handbook for Help.
Understanding Human - All Parts


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